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New Images (xpost)

New Images!
Hey there merfolk and merfolk enthusiasts! now has two new galleries up with over 200 new merfolk images. Our 2005 Performance gallery has images from pool parites and festival performances in it and our Photo Shoot Gallery has images from our recent photo shoot on the beaches of Galveston, Tx.

Hope you all enjoy!

Also, keep a watch out for new galleries next week as well that will include another waterfall shoot and a new underwater shoot. These two shoots are shoots we will use images from for our 2006 Mermaid on the Rocks Calendar that will be available soon at

Hugs and Fishy Kisses!

Making Mer-Dreams Come True,
FoxMoon Productions
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Oooo! What an AMAZING site! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!^0^
Very inspiring!!
♥ ♥
Thank you. We work hard to keep it up to date for everyone.

Oh I love it! I think I will be purchasing from you in the future!^^
Well then I look forward to helping make your "Mer-Dreams" come true.

A few words about the tails:

I love what I do and love being able to help make others happy as they get to enjoy the experience as well. I make the tails myself and have made them for photographers, models, actresses and movie producers and everyday girls (or boys) next door all around the world who have always dreamed of being of the mer. We've sent tails to Germany, UK, Canada and all over the USA.

I've had people tell me they were too expensive and I know that our prices tend to get a little steep, but we try to keep our prices affordable so that anyone who wants one can save up a little to get one. However, due to the cost of materials going up the prices tend to increase and I hate that they have to, but that is the way it works in business. On the plus side we do keep our prices as far below our competitors as we can and we offer many more options and customizations than those same competitors do.

With that said, I hope you will help us spread the word.

Also, I looked at your purses. They are very nice. Feel free to post a link to them in the Mermaid Classified Ads on our website. We'll see if we can't help you get a little more attention to them. They are very pretty bags.